Tanvi Kant re-works an array of textiles evocative of personal and often private histories. Materials of sentimental value or simply tired looking, unwanted items of clothing are transformed into special pieces of jewellery through an elegant union of often contrasting raw materials. Intricately coiled organic cottons are blended with fine gold and sterling silver threads, and hand-embroidered details of melted silver and precious gemstones draw upon the convergence of age-old practices and the symbolic function of cloth, costume and adornment.

Through coiling, binding, knotting and hand-stitching lengths of fabric, meticulous cords are hand-constructed and sculpted to complement the body. The resulting forms reflect the distinctive weave, colour, fibre and weight of the originating fabric. Her preference for elemental techniques imbue an effortless simplicity, expressing spontaneity evidenced by slight imperfections reflecting a hand-drawn quality with an increasingly sophisticated sensitivity as well as boldness to colour, texture and scale. Continually refining and evolving her specially developed techniques, Tanvi is inspired by the multitude perspectives of self-expression and its relationship to ancient rituals of self-adornment. 

In some pieces their original form is visible, allowing the wearer to feel and remember the origins of the fabric. The physical act of wearing tactile, sensual forms of jewellery around the body by draping, wrapping and knotting also refer to the origins of the primary sources of materials - the sari, chunnri or scarf - garments that are iconic of traditional uncut cloth.  Tanvi's personal codes of cultural identity and perceptions of value are reinterpreted from a combined perspective of her rich Gujarati heritage and Western upbringing and curiosity towards the blending of textile and jewellery practices - from woven gold saris of across India and Persia, the twining of plant fibres and basketry of Native Americans, to the opulent gem encrusted crown jewels of Mughal and Russian emperors. Tanvi aims to synthesise ancient textile craft traditions with an instinctive sensibility.