'the shape of things' bursary award and exhibitions
2012 'the shape of things' touring group exhibition, Crafts Study Centre, Surrey; Flow Gallery, London
2010 'Cut, Stitch, Adorn' solo exhibition, Touchstone Rochdale, Lancashire

In 2010 I was awarded a bursary to create new work for a solo exhibition and touring group show around the UK. The national initiative titled 'the shape of things' was developed to encourage new thinking about cultural diversity within the crafts sector in relation to professional practice, developing audiences and creating new markets. The founders aims were to consider what distinctive contribution culturally diverse artists whose practice is contemporary craft make to influence or reflect national identity

The bursaries from 'the shape of things' not only gave us the platform to show new work, it also enabled an ongoing dialogue with everyone involved, allowing us to share our journeys before and after our exhibitions. Highlighted in the discussions were thoughts on how our notion of place, home and identity were not necessarily fixed to a geographical location, and that through our work we could create a space connecting the threads linking multiple memories, associations and stories to communicate to viewers and participants of our projects how we make sense of our interconnected cultural identities.

the shape of things website provides a legacy of a rich archive of photography, essays, video, catalogues and audio.
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Exhibition catalogue:


All artists involved: 
Rezia Wahid at the Crafts Study Centre (Farnham) and at the City Gallery (Leicester); Rosa Nguyen and Alinah Azadeh at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery; Halima Cassell and Seiko Kinoshita at Bilston Craft Gallery and Touchstones (Rochdale); Tanvi Kant and Taslim Martin at Touchstones; Chien-Wei Chang and Maggie Scott at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery (Leicester)