The Kundalini wrist piece is based on a spiralling helix bangle which I originally made in black and grey for a client some years ago. From that piece I made a larger version from woven brocade fabric which expands into sculptural standing form. It was this piece that I had in mind to develop further and the perfect opportunity presented itself with David's commission of a bangle for himself. We posted my samples back and forth and met for fittings, until the piece materialised into a form we both find appealing and is comfortable to wear. We titled the bracer a sanskrit word Kundalini that refers to potent energy and is often symbolised in a coil or serpent like image. The flexibility in this piece balances a compressed coil and an expanded spiralling form as it opens. The kundalini form represents a boundless strength which mirrors universal forces of contraction and expansion.

Left - Black and Grey Bound Bangle with Silver wrap detail
Middle - Contracted Brocade fabric Helix Bangle
Right - Expanded Brocade fabric Helix Bangle